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Çek Cumhuriyeti’nde Eğitim Kursu Fırsatı!

Çek Cumhuriyeti’nin Kolin kentinde 09 Nisan – 15 Nisan 2017 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilecek olan “It’s up to you!” isimli projeye 1 kadın gençlik çalışanı katılımcı aranmaktadır.

Yer: Kolin-ÇEKYA

Ülkemizden Gençlik Mevsimi Derneği gönderici kuruluştur.

NOT: Seçilen katılımcımızın son anda ortaya çıkan kişisel sebeplerinden dolayı schengen vizesi olan ve biletlemesini hemen yapabilecek 1 kadın gençlik çalışanı katılımcı aranmaktadır.

Daha Detaylı Bilgi

Key Action 1 – Learning mobility of individuals

Training course


“It’s up to you!”


9th – 15th April 2016

Kolin, Czech Republic


Project summary:

CEFIG, the youth organization from Czech Republic, invites you to join us in the 7-day training course “It’s up to you!” (8th is arrival day and 16th is departure day). The project will be hosted in a beautiful city of Kolin, which lies on the Elbe river.

This project will increase your cricital thinking skills, allow you to see through tricks that are played on us by media and big companies marketing campaingns. We are all under (social) pressure – let’s learn together how to prevent it and help others to face it. We invite you to come to hear the experience of others and share yours!

We will bring together youth workers from 8 countries:

  • Croatia (Mladi za Marof),
  • Romania (ASOCIATIA GEYC),
  • Poland (Stowarzyszenie Projektow Miedynarodowych “Logos Polska”),
  • Spain (Asociación las niñas del tul),
  • Denmark (Soeholm 4H),
  • Macedonia (Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK)
  • Czech Republic (Centrum financni gramotnosti),


The main objective of the training course is to develop media literacy amongst young workers, give them tools to spread the idea of critical thinking to prevent unwanted results of media illiteracy.

Specific objectives are:

1) better understanding how social pressure created by (social) media works,

2) to prevent stress or depression as a result of social pressure,

3) to give young leaders tools to help their peers face the risk of social exclusion or radicalization,

4) to help youth workers prevent xenophobia created by media amongst youngsters,

5) give skills to host a workshop for young people in their organisations on this topic and include media literacy as a part of their Youth exchanges / training courses


Participants should satisfy the following requirements:

  • at least Intermediate level of English Language;
  • have great interest in media literacy and critical thinking;
  • motivation in attending the training course and participate actively;
  • are eager to use knowledge gained during this TC in their communities and organizations;
  • age 20-35 years old;
  • one of the participants should be the leader/project manager of the organization or a youth worker, who will have power to implement changes in partner organisation in order to disseminate results of this project.
  • 2 of 3 participants should be persons with fewer opportunities, facing either social, economic or geographical obstacles. It’s better focus on people facing social exclusion.


  • We will be staying in a beautiful town of Kolin, which lies on the river Elbe, 50 kilometers east of Prague. Kolin is a small city with a large square in historic center and a cathedral.
  • the participants will be accommodated in hotel rooms (double/triple) equipped with all comforts
  • If you have special dietary requirements, be sure to specify them in the application form.
  • Czech currency is Czech koruna (CZK). 1 EUR is approximately 27 Czech koruna.


Participation conditions:

  • food and accommodation is fully covered by the organizers with the support of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme;
  • we don’t cover insurance, please make it as your commitment to the training;
  • travel costs will be reimbursed, up to travel cost limit (listed below) according to Erasmus + programme rules listed below. Before purchasing tickets, you have to get a confirmation from organizers (send the tickets you want to buy on e-mail written in contacts);
  • we will NOT reimburse you travel costs, if you don’t attend all sessions/arrive later/leave earlier;
  • important: KEEP YOUR BOARDING PASSES, DON’T THROW THEM AWAY, or we won’t be able to reimburse you;
  • collect e-ticket, invoice, proof of payment. For train and bus tickets make sure the date, the itinerary and the price are visible on the ticket. We can’t reimburse money if you take taxi.
  • we will try to reimburse everybody on the project, for that we ask you to find good prices of your tickets, otherwise we will only be able to reimburse you after the project by bank transfer. If you need advice what is the best and cheapest way to get to Czech Republic from your country, don’t hesitate to ask.

Reimbursement limit for travel costs:

Country (number of participants) Max amount per participant
Croatia (3) 180 Euro
Denmark (3) 275 Euro
Poland (3) 180 Euro
Turkey (3) 275 Euro
Romania (3) 275 Euro
Spain (3) 360 Euro
Macedonia (3) 275 Euro



  • The organization will not be able to reimburse you for any losses.

Special needs:

  • In the Application Form you will find the gaps for special needs (like vegetarian, vegan etc.), please carefully fill them out.
  • Please do not forget to bring with you some food and drinks, specialities of your countries for our intercultural evening.



  • every involved organization will be asked to write, together with participants, after their return, an article about the project and present it on their websites: the activities we’ve had, impressions they’ve got and what impact they are expecting after this;
  • within a month after the training course, every partner organization expected to organize follow up workshops on the topic of the training with their organization members and also within local communities;
  • at the project, we will be writing short summary of the day with pictures and every organization will be able to share this information amongst their youngsters through social media and websites.


Feel free to contact us in any way listed below:


Phone Ondra: +420734642966

Phone Pepa: +420607861035

Once you have been chosen, we will send you an invitation to our FB group.

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